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Mill Creek Radio Sailing Club Bylaws


Article I: Name

This organization shall be known as: Mill Creek Radio Sailing Club. For informal purposes such as promotions, web sites, Facebook, and other non-legally binding uses, the abbreviation MCRSC is acceptable.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the club is to assist its members in the enjoyment and promotion of radio controlled (R/C) radio sailing by acting as a regional and national resource for sailing competitions, and for the development, building, and sailing of models.

Article III: Policy

To aid its members in technical information and assistance related to R/C boat construction and maintenance, to enhance their knowledge of rules and skills associated with competition, and to promote friendly competition and good sportsmanship.

Article IV: Membership

The Club is a recreational social organization. General membership is open to all R/C sailing enthusiasts upon application to and acceptance by the Club Secretary. Prior to club membership, all applicants must be members in good standing with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). A Lifetime Membership to MCRSC may be awarded for extraordinary service to the club via majority Board decision.

Article V: Administration

The Board of Directors (Board) shall consist of five (6) members: The Commodore, Secretary, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, and the immediate past commodore, known as the “Staff Commodore”.

Article VI: Amendments

This Constitution may be amended as specified in the Bylaws.

Article VII: Emblem

The Club shall have as its symbol a distinctive emblem that appropriately reflects the Club’s objectives and activities as displayed below:

1. Club Officers:

1.1. New Club Officer positions shall be created via a majority vote by the members of the board as detailed in Article V.

2. Elections:

2.1. Each year, no later than 15 days prior to the first Saturday in October, the Club Secretary shall provide notice of the Annual Election and shall request volunteers or nominations for Club Offices. The names of volunteers or nominees shall be provided to members prior to the Club meeting on the first Saturday in October.

2.2. A Club meeting to elect officers shall be held on the first Saturday in November. Officers shall take office upon the completion of the election.

2.3. A member’s vote may be cast by email prior to the meeting, or in person or by proxy at the meeting. All matters of an election shall be conducted on the basis of one vote per member. A majority vote decides the election.

2.4. The Club Secretary shall record the results of the election and distribute that information

to Club members, by email and /or in the Club’s website and newsletter.

3. Term of Office:

3.1. All Club Officers shall serve a term of one (1) year beginning the First Saturday in November. There are no term limits.

3.2. Vacated Offices: In the event that the Commodore, Secretary or Treasurer is no longer able to serve, any member of the Club who has volunteered may fill the vacancy by a majority vote of the remaining Board Members, and with the approval of the majority of the membership at the next regular Club meeting.

4. Duties of the Officers:

4.1. Commodore: The Commodore is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and official

representative of the Club. They are the presiding officer of any meeting of the members-at-large (Club Meeting). In consultation with Club Officers and members, the Commodore supports the Club's efforts to promote the enjoyment of radio sailing for its members and the public. The Commodore may delegate responsibilities to other Club Officers and may assign any Board Officer to represent them in their absence.

4.2. Treasurer: The Club Treasurer manages the collection of club resources, primarily collecting dues and event payments via either hard copy or secure electronic payment systems. The Treasurer also records, deposits, and insures their safekeeping in a Club bank account and issues them to Officers, members, or vendors when needed for Club activities. The Treasurer regularly notifies the Secretary of the members’ recent dues payments and membership status, address updates, and other records from the membership form.

4.2.1. Shall apply for AMYA  insurance as needed.

4.2.2. Shall prepare an Annual Finance Report for the first Saturday of October and, as necessary, a financial update at each Club or Board meeting.

4.2.3. Shall insure an orderly and Board approved transition of access to the Club’s bank account when leaving office.

4.3. Secretary: The Club Secretary facilitates the Club's record keeping by updating membership information from new and renewing members, recording minutes from the Club and Board meetings, and assisting other Club Officers and members by providing filing and safe storage for other records as necessary, e.g. insurance, permits, etc.

4.3.1. Shall update and make available a “New Membership/Renewal” form.

4.3.2. Shall provide current members with a notice of membership renewal and request

Dues for the upcoming year. Notice should be initiated in November.

4.3.3. The Secretary will record the dues payments, membership status, and address or contact information changes into the Club Roster from membership reports received from the Treasurer which may consist of forwarded membership forms (or images of the

forms) or other hard copy or by other electronic means.

4.3.4. Shall provide new members with a “Welcome Letter” which shall include

information; e.g., Website links, the Club Calendar, Constitution and Bylaws, etc. 

4.3.5. Shall annually prepare and distribute to Club members a “Club Roster” and “Email list” to assist with club communications. The member’s personal information shall be limited to the member’s name, email and telephone number. Additional activity information related to boats, etc. may be included. Board members may receive additional membership information if requested.

4.3.6. The maintenance of historical records may be delegated to a Club Historian for safe

keeping according to the Board’s direction.

4.4. Rear Commodore: The Rear Commodore is responsible for all on-shore coordination. Duties include but are not withstanding to event planning with Youth Sailing Virginia and Fort Monroe National Park, Fort Monroe Recreation Center, and City of Hampton local authorities. 

4.5. Vice Commodore: The Vice Commodore is responsible for all on-water coordination. Duties include but are not withstanding to providing marks and bouys to be utilized at club events, and rescue boat procurement and access.

4.6. Staff Commodore: The Staff Commodore is usually the immediate past Commodore

and is a member of the Board based on their completed term and excellent service to the


5. Duties of the Board: 

5.1. The Board may, as necessary, provide direction and guidance for the Club Officers and members on issues affecting multiple divisions, or as otherwise directed by the bylaws.

5.2. The Board may conduct Club business in coordination with Club officers and members at any “Regular” meeting, or any member of the Board may request a “Special Board” meeting. Said special meeting shall be held as requested, the Commodore presiding. Meetings may be conducted in person or by email, phone, or other board-agreed upon medium.

5.3. The Board’s focus should be on Club wide issues. If an item has a significant impact on members it shall be forwarded to the members for consideration and approval.

5.4. A quorum for a meeting of the Board shall consist of three board (3) members.

6. Meetings: 

6.1. Meetings of the Club, Divisions or the Board shall be held at times and places as

may be decided by the presiding officer of the meeting. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with “Robert's Rules of Order”. Prior to any meeting an agenda shall be distributed to the members and, as soon as practical following the meeting, minutes shall be distributed to the members.

7. Regatta Bylaws: 

7.1. To compete in a National, Regional, State, or Annual Regatta sponsored by the Mill Creek Radio Sailing Club, participants are required to be a member of AMYA or an AMYA recognized by National or International Model Boat Organizations. Membership information, # and expiration date, are to be included on “New Membership/Renewal” form at time of submittal.

8. Fiscal Administration:

8.1. The Fiscal year of the Club shall be January 1st to December 31st.

8.2. Club annual dues of $40.00 are due December 31st and are delinquent February 1st.

Dues from new members joining after September 1st shall be applied to the next fiscal year. Dues of the Board Officers, Life Members or active duty personnel away from Hampton Roads may be waived. Dues received by the Secretary shall be transmitted to the Club Treasurer for deposit.

8.3. The Club Secretary may complete a Club membership with payment of Club dues, pending the completion of a national membership required by a Division.

8.4. Requests to fund Club expenses under $100.00 that are anticipated as part of a Club event, may be paid by the Club Treasurer. Unexpected expenses under $100.00 require Commodore’s approval. Requests of $100.00 or over, up to $500.00 may be approved by a majority vote of the Board electronically. Requests over $500.00 shall be approved at a Board meeting with an explanation and/or receipt(s).

9. Privacy Policy: 

9.1. All member information is private, and shall be used for Club related activities only, and cannot be used for any other purpose without the member’s written consent. The Club’s Roster or email list shall be used for providing Club members with Club information only, such as newsletters, meeting notices, or event schedules, any non-club use is strictly forbidden. Violation of the Privacy Policy may result in suspension or termination depending on the severity of the infraction.

10. Rescue Boat: 

10.1. The rescue boat shall be used only by General Club members or members of a recognized national model boat organization. No person under the age of 16 is allowed in the rescue boat. Life preservers shall be on board and accessible to all on board.

11. Suspension or Termination:

11.1. A member may have their membership suspended or terminated for any violation of the Club’s Constitution or Bylaws or for misconduct deemed to be detrimental to the Club or its members by a majority of the Board.

11.2. The members shall be given written notice of the offense and shall be given full opportunity to review and respond to any allegations and evidence at a hearing conducted by the Board. The Board shall maintain the privacy of the members involved in the matter.

11.3. Minutes of the Board meeting shall be filed with the Secretary, a summary of findings shall be provided to Club members.

11.4. A member may appeal to the Board for reconsideration of a suspension after 12 months.

12. Amendments: The Constitution or Bylaws may be amended at a Club meeting with a twenty- one (21) day notice of the meeting and the proposed changes, and by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at the meeting. A copy of the revised document shall be posted on the Club’s website and provided to all members via email (or hard copy upon request).

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