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SpeedSwitch Jib Pivot

SpeedSwitch Jib Pivot





It's the final day of a 3-day regatta, the wind is gusting to 18kn. The rescue skiff is headed to retrieve your boat, and you just requested a 5-minute hold. You know the repairs you're about to do affect the entire geometry of your rig, so now is not the time to be sloppy. Depending on your setup, you might only have enough time for one shot to get it right...


But not with the SpeedSwitch!


Rigourously designed and tested over a 4-month period, the SpeedSwitch Jib Pivot system employs a simple, effective, and reliable design.


Snap on, set, and sail! It's that easy!


Each SpeedSwitch ships with a SpeedSwitch Body (Fasteners included), and TWO (2) SpeedSwitch Inserts!


Fastener info:

18-8 Stainless Steel Thread-Locking Socket Head Screw, M3 x 0.5 mm Thread, 12 mm Long

316 Stainless Steel Thin Hex Nut, M3 x 0.5 mm Thread, 1.8 mm High


~ Each screw has a nylon thread locker bonded to the threads to add friction and resist loosening from vibration. ~


Printed in high-quality PETG filament, the SpeedSwitch Jib Pivot will stand up to any heat, UV, or moisture exposure.


Recommended products: 
Due to the thin and sleek design and the thread locker on the screws, you will need an additional tool to tighten the screw into the nut once the body has been clamped on the spar. Any M3 (5.5mm) Socket will work, however, I recommend the "IOM Shroud Lock-Nut Tool" offered here in this store! It is the perfect size for the application, and will ship together if placed in the same order!

  • 3D Printed Product Notice

    Please allow up to 72 hours after your order has been placed for printing and packaging. Orders are printed in the order they are recieved. If product will not ship within 72 hours, we will be sure to contact you with additional information.

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