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IRSA “PUR” Country Lettering Stencil

IRSA “PUR” Country Lettering Stencil

IRSA Compliant "PUR" Country Lettering Stencil.


Stencil is recommended for use on International One Metre, M, and A class Sails.


Letter height is 61mm.

Letter spacing is in accordance with IRSA Supplementary Class Rules.

Letters are 21mm from the top and bottom border of the stencil to allow you to place an orientation mark, assisting with proper IRSA spacing of 40mm (minimum).


This stencil has risers on the bottom face of the stencil to prevent marker ink from bleeding during lettering application.


Stencil is printed in PLA, color may vary.

  • PLA Product Notice

    This product is printed in PLA. Please keep out of direct sunlight and areas exposed to high heat (ex. a car during a hot day) for for extended periods of time (max 1 hour) or this product WILL degrade, warp, or deteriorate.

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