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IOM Shroud Lock-Nut (5.5mm) Adjustment Tool

IOM Shroud Lock-Nut (5.5mm) Adjustment Tool

This tool was specifically designed to be used on IOM shroud assemblies that utilize a 5.5mm hex nut for locking the maximum shroud tension.


It features a small slot in the tool for the shroud wire to slide through, and is perfectly fit to adjust 5.5mm hex nuts. It has an ergonomic shape, allowing you to easily tighten or release the screw with ease. Just pinch the top of the threader coupling, and twist the locking nut into or out of position!


Additionally, a separate color is used on the top layer to indicate which side is "up".


Currently, color selection is not available, but is planned in the near future! Contact us via the contact us page (Click Here!) for additional inquiries regarding color selection.


This part is printed in PETG, and can be left in your tool box on even the hottest days at the pond, however it is still recommended to keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time (4-6 Hours Max).

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